Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot...

SO yesterday was Dr. Seuss' birthday. It reminded me of all the days I got to read stories to my daughter. She loved begin read to. Many of the stories she knew by heart. Like "Green Eggs and Ham" or "If you give a mouse a cookie" or our all time favorite, "Goodnight Moon". IT was the simple things that she enjoyed doing. There were times when I did not have money to buy her the newest toys, of which many she would not play with but it was the time spent reading with her and to her that meant the most to us. Makenna you see may not of understood the printed words in the books we read, but she did understand my tone. She was able to hear my voice and know it was me, her mom. The person that protected her from harm, the person in this world that truly loved her more than anyone in the entire world. This is not say that her other family members did not love her--yet to say I had a different type of love for my daughter. When I think about the word "love" I see her face smiling back at me from the heavens. I can almost feel her little chubby hand touch the side of my face and look into the big glorious brown eyes, that made the rest of the world fade into the dark. Those are the moments that I miss the most. The reading stories to her, or going for a walk to the park in the stroller or making that last minute run to Wal-Nart for the much needed new and improved zippy cup or the even larger bag of diapers that were on sale. Those are the moments that I miss. I miss the giggles she gave when she was excited about making the trip to Wal-Mart or how she would giggle when it was time to walk to the bus stop and await the arrival of her friends. She truly enjoyed life to the fullest. I wish I could one day do the same. I wish to one day have that small little gift of laughter back in my life. The small little wonder we call know by name. That is my wish for the day.

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