Monday, September 9, 2013

Almost a year

Almost a year and the pain is the same unimaginable ache that I felt at 10:17pm September 13, 2012 when God called you His angel. My heart remains frozen in the minutes prior to your passing that I doubt will ever regain its true function of beating. I brave each day as of at someway I will see you sooner if I just back away from the edge of falling again.  Yet I stop and remember each moment of you- your smile your giggle those big brown eyes looking at me each morning for protection. If only I could have protected you from this horrid diseas hydrocephalus. I never thought I could love someone a much as I did you when you were born. My dear child my greatest achievement. You have inspired many people around to continue through tough days and days many wished they could give up to the stars. You give me hope that one day i can brave this terrible world without you in it. One day I will be strong enough to go to battle like you did each day and fight. I hope one day I will have your strength.