Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ready to Shop

She would learn where the money was hidden for her many trips to Wal-Mart. She found mommys purse and was taking it to the door. She had to return because she forgot the car keys. She is contemplating on getting her own purse however she learned that should would have to spend her own money. After a long debate, she decided to just use my purse in the meantime....afterall it is a cheaper option than spending her own hard earned money.
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M-CMTC Best Friends: America's Favorite Couple

Finally after a long wait, Jackson and Makenna have the first play date. July 1, 2010. The cutie pies had lunch at Red Robin.....Yummm and then played with toys at Makenna's house along with help from Mrs. Sharon. The couple has planned for a second date later this summer at the Indiana Dunes. They will continue emailing and talking over the phone to make future plans.
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