Thursday, June 24, 2010

My New Wheels

After a long wait, Makenna finally got her new wheelchair. She is enjoying it so much and interacting more with her surroundings. Here are a few of her latest adventures in toddlerhood.

No More Shunt, No More Shunt

As of this May 2010 Makenna is shunt free. She had surgery at Riley Hospital for Children,..we call this one Lucky 13! At her last visit on June 13, 2010 her CT Scan still looked great. It appears that the third ventricularostomy procedure is working. She is smiling, laughing and saying the words, "uh uh" and huh". She is also moving around alot more and scooting around on the floor, getting into baskets, corners and under the sofa among other things. She is enjoying spending time with her teachers Ms. Sharon, Ms. Martha and Ms Lindi who come to our house during the week to help her learn new and exciting things.
Things are looking up and she is making progress everyday. She also got a new minivan and a new wheelchair this month too. Next week will start aqua therapy at the pool. We are excited about that and the many visits of friends and family to our house this summer.
God is Good! And always on time!

The Life That's Choosen Me....

This was sent to me today. I most be super emotional this week, because I am still crying.