Friday, September 4, 2009

Makennaisms: Tips to Live By

What I know.....I learned in daycare!
1. Crying usually gets you what you want.
2. Sometimes blaming that smell on your friend is easier than fessing up.
3. Eating before you get to daycare is awesome....but having breakfast again with your friends is SMART.
4. Getting shipped off to you grandparents doesn't mean your parents love you any less, it just means the Grandparents LOVE you More.
5. Screaming in the middle of the night will make sure you are an only child. Trust me this really works.
6. Pretending to be starving!!! Yes I do this often.
7. Only playing with one toy, not always a good idea, especially close to Christmas, you may not get anything new. At least slobber on your toys. This makes it look like you have shown interest.
8. Try to enjoy a car ride every now and again. Your mommys need to get out of the house sometimes.
9. Asking for a puppy...only works when you can go potty without help. Still working on it.
10. Going shopping when grandma comes to town: Follow these rules. 1. Where clothes that are too small, 2. Loose at least one shoe. 3. Loose both socks....this will guarantee at least 2 items at best. Grandma will give your mommy a "look" this means more clothes for you. Mommy will thank you later.

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