Tuesday, March 9, 2010

" I was a really good mom before I had kids"

What a great book. Getting ready to read the next two.

*** Because going to the dentist is my alone time.****

This is true when you try to be the everything to everyone, and the no one to ourselves a mothers. It is never an easy task to be a mom, a mom with a partner, a mom with help, or a single mom. You must be able to find a balance, even if the balance means allowing yourself time to vent, cry, forget about practices afterschool, asking for overtime at work, asking parents to take the kids for a weekend or two. Never be afraid to ask for help is what I struggle with daily. It's difficult when you have a child with special needs because not everyone can or is willing to take care of your child....at least not where you would feel safe for them to do. So what do you do. You find a nurse or someone who is able and willing to assist you and take the help when they offer it. Use your community resources wisely and use them often. Otherwise you will and I will tell you first hand, loss your mind or at least what is left of it. Take a breather when possible, run, walk or take a nap. But the key is TAKE CARE of you, otherwisee who will take care of your Baby.

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